Sind Sie sicher, dass Sie Ihre Instandhaltung optimal verwalten?

60% der Instandhaltungsleiter sehen in der Digitalisierung einen relevanten Hebel, um die Zuverlässigkeit der Anlagen zu verbessern.

70 % der Instandhaltungsleiter wollen eine echte vorbeugende Instandhaltung einführen.

65 % der Entscheidungsträger halten die Integration der Instandhaltung in ihren Transformationsprozess für unabdingbar. 

Mehr als 4.000 zufriedene DIMO Maint Kunden

Quick set-up & Easy to use

You can integrate our solution into an existing information system  and enjoy regular system updates with the latest features

A CMMS app for the mobility of maintenance technicians

A complete solution for maintenance management

One simple dashboard to follow easily your activity thanks to indicators and alerts 

Management of spare parts stocks, orders and access to the list of tasks to complete the work

Make your team more efficient and enhance maintenance works quality

Manage requests and fill in maintenance reports with voice control & spare part outgoing

Collect customer signature on-the-spot and make stock inventory

Manage budget better and optimize maintenance costs

Access the essential features from your smartphone or tablet, even offline

Ready to take your maintenance management to the next level ?

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25 years of CMMS experience for Multi-devices, multi-users : our CMMS is a secure working tool 

CMMS expertise of collaborative work

Adapted to your company needs (multi-sites, international, multi-companies)  for everyone, even for people not comfortable with computer science

Information system integration & Innovation

Whatever the size of your organization, wherever you might be, DIMO Maint meets all the needs of a maintenance department and helps you with your CMMS project.

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Sind Sie sicher, dass Sie Ihre Instandhaltung 

optimal verwalten?